Would the pain I am having in my neck cause issues with my spina bifida cause I have a lot of lower back pain?

Possibly. It depends on the type and severity of your spina bifida... did you have surgery? Did it cause any scoliosis or difficulties with walking? If so, you may have secondary neck pain from irregularities in your lower spine and the way you walk and hold your body. I suggest seeing your neurosurgeon, physical therapist, orthopedist, or who ever else has helped you with your spina bifida so far.
Spina bifida. If you have spina bifida, then you could have associated tethered cord, which can cause associated problems at other levels of the cord due to stretching/tension, resulting in a syrinx for example. You should see your doctor, since repeat neuroimaging may be warranted.

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My 14 yo son had an X-ray due to lower back pain and it showed spina bifida occult L5, and mild wedging deformity T11 what does it mean?

A Spina big idea. Occulta of L5 means nothing by itself but there is a higher incidence of a spondylolysis in this patient population so further testing may be indicated to rule this out if pain persists. A mild wedging of t 11 may also be a non specific finding or could indicate an issue also requiring further imaging like a MRI. Talk to your doctor if symptoms are persisting.
Probably unrelated. These findings can be incidental and of no clinical significance. During the rapid growth of puberty there can be aches and pains that resolve with time. If he is otherwise healthy without signs of spine problems (scoliosis, bowel or bladder dysfunction) there is no reason for further testing. Mri of lumbar and sacral spine will probably be normal.
Birth Defect. These are birth defects that occasionally cotribute to back pain. Generally physical therapy is recommended. A pediatric back specialist is the proper specialist. Unless pressure on the disc, there is no neurological issues.

I'm feeling stiff in my neck, both side of upper and lower back pain and I'm also feeling pain inboth side of hip and both side of lower back?

Exam. Get examined and diagnosed. I would suggest OTC NSAIDS like Advil or Aleve (naproxen) if not allergic to these; however, a medical examination is imperative to make a diagnosis.

Why would my dr. Give me duloxetine for neck and lower back pain I was getting oxycodone and lyrica (pregabalin) but stopped seeing dr. After I got a abscess in my neck from shots he was giving me

Duloxetine. Duloxetine or Cymbalta (duloxetine) is an antidepressant but also has great impact on some types of neurologic pain.
SSRI can help pain. Ssri's can help with pain symptoms. If you are unhappy with your doctos's care, get another opinion.
Cymbalta (duloxetine) Duloxetine is a good medicine for pain, anxiety, depression and nerve style pain. Just because your were on oxycodone doesn't mean you need to be back on it. Lyrica (pregabalin) on the other hand might be needed and you might want to ask your doctor about restarting that. If you need opiate pain medicines and your doctor will not rx it, you should seek a pain management referral.