How many bowel movements should my infant have?

0-7. 7 times in 1 day or 1 time is seven days as long as it is soft and not painful, it's normal.
3 - 4. A young baby usually poops after each feeding or after every-other feeding (averaging 3-4 poops a day). As the weeks go by, babies tend to poop less often, some twice a day while others once every-other day. As long as a baby is happily eating and growing; and does not have constipation, bloating, or tummy aches; the number of poops a day is not very important. Babies pee several times a day.
Varies. The amount of bowel movements an infant can have varies tremendously. It can be every few hours, once a day, every few days, or even once a week. The important thing is to speak to your pediatrician if he/she is very uncomfortable when passing a stool, if the stool is very hard, or if there is a sudden and dramatic change in her bowel movements.