My husband was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia taking nexium, (esomeprazole) but he is losing weight, loss of appetite, and sleeps a lot could this be more then a herni?

Talk with your doc. Great question. When belly pain or any changes in our digestion are also associated with losing weight, it increases our level of our concern. If we feel bad, eat less, we will often lose weight. *but* it's important to check out other things too and make sure it's not the more worrisome things. Good for you!
Maybe. Anemia can cause these problems which may be secondary to occult bleeding. He should get stool occult blood and if positive should get a upper and lower endoscopy.
Sick at Ft. Bragg. Get him to his doctor at his outlying primary care clinic or at womack army medical center....He needs to have an upper endoscopy and a thorough work up. Ask for them to rule out sleep apnea as well! Good luck from former active duty family physician at joel health clinic. If you happen to be assigned to joel clinic ask for ms. Peoples and tell her dr. Mitchell sent you.
Paraesophageal. Large hiatal hernias, also known as a paraesophageal hernia, can cause the symptoms. These types of hernias can also cause anemia from a occult bleeding from something known as cameron's erosions. These hernias are usually diagnosed with upper G.I. Contrast study and endoscopy.

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Egd 2 yrs ago: small hiatal hernia. Nexium (esomeprazole) & Prilosec no help. More and worse symptoms now. Possible strangulation of hernia?

See MD ASAP. If strangulation is a consideration whatsoever, you should not hesitate and contact your physician or go to er asap. This is potentially a life threatening situation.
No strangulation. Small hiatal hernias cannot become strangulated, so rest easy. They can become large hiatal hernias that can strangulate, but the risk is low. This takes years. If your symptom is pain, it is highly unlikely to be related to the hernia, but could be esophageal spasm. You need a 15 minute test called high resolution esophageal manometry to find out. Hope this helps!
No. A small hernia does not have the room to twist and cut off its blood supply which is the definition of strangulation. Antireflux meds frequently lose efficacy and either the dose has to be increased or switched to another one. A change in symptoms like this usually warrants a follow up egd. Consult with your doctor.

I am stil having problems with gastritis, hiatal hernia went from 4 to 5, does that me it is growing? Been taking Nexium (esomeprazole) since sept 2013 and no change,

Variable. Hiatal hernias are not malignant and spread- or "grow" in that sense. They do enlarge or expand as tissue stretch. Scarring and strictures can occur so gastroenterology evaluation and egd can help clarify. Reflux treatment is important as well as elevation of head and head of bed when lying down, small meals nothing late or right before bedtime, and medication.

Scope showed sm sliding hiatal hernia. Symps persist after 6-8 months Nexium (esomeprazole) & domperidone. Do I need surgery? Worst-pain mid&rt upper ab, fullness alwa

Probably. It is hard to tell without more details. Reflux is a complex disease and there are seared factors that will be use when deciding on surgery options. See a specialist and make sure that a complete workup is performed.
Perhaps. You need further work up, with a ph study to prove if you have signifigant reflux. Not all patients with hiatal hernias need surgery. If you do have reflux, with a hernia, and persistant symptoms despite medical therapy, and risk modification, than surgery would be adviseable.

I take 40 mg Nexium (esomeprazole) a day for 7 years I am 29 I have a hiatal hernia he said its a safe drug he is a doc that handles these things is he right worried?

Yes and no... No drug is perfect, & pros of long term use of acid blockade need to balance against cons (bone fractures, low magnesium, C.difficile infection). H2 blockers (tagamet, zantac, (ranitidine) pepcid) have been around since the late 70's, are safe, but may require increasing doses to achieve acid suppression. Proton pump inhibitors (ppi's) are also generally safe, but talk to your doc about lowest effective dose.

Drs have done 4 endoscopies, I don't have hiatal hernia, if I don't take Nexium (esomeprazole) daily I feel horrible, I diet, what's wrong? Are there any surgerys to fix acid reflux?

Preventing reflux. Part of preventing reflux is maintaining weight, elevating head of bed, not lying down for at least 1 hr after eating, avoiding trigger foods like fried/fatty/greasy foods, spicy foods, onions, caffeine, soft drinks, acidic foods (tomato/lemon/lime). Have doc test for helicobacter pylori, which is associated with ulcers, possibly reflux. Treat if positive. A different ppi may work better for you.
Most definitely. Your condition if confirm as acid reflux can be treated with anti reflux procedure (nissen fundoplication) or less invasive and less effective procedure esophyx. Talk to your doctor.
Yes. There are several techniques, and laparoscopic approaches (minimally invasive surgery) are available. The laparoscopic nissen fundoplication wraps a portion of your upper stomach around the end of the esophagus, effectively creating a high pressure area that restores the functions you are missing of preventing reflux of stomach acid to the esophagus. It is very effective.

Taking domperidone, Nexium (esomeprazole) appx 8months getting severe pain knees/hips at nite 2-4 times per week also have hiatal hernia is meds causing this?

Malabsorption? Those medicines could be causing you to have a malabsorption problem where the stomach is not absorbing the nutrients and minerals that it is supposed to. Check out "why stomach acid is good for you" by dr. Jonathan wright. Things like zinc, vit b12, and others may be deficient in you causing your muscles to ache.
Package insert. Check the package insert for the medication, and look at the section on adverse reactions. You could also check with your pharmacist, or go to epocrates and download this on your smart phone or check it out on the computer. Hope you feel better soon.

What is the best medication for a hiatal hernia. I take pepsid 20 bid but my stomach seems to burn 24/7 with occ. Reflux at night. Nexium (esomeprazole) didn't help.?

Hiatal hernia. The pain from a hiatal hernia is caused by pressure from the stomach, often after a large meal, pushing on the diaphragm. Acid may be a partial source of the pain, but will not be the sole treatment. Eating small meals, eating more often, and not lying down after you eat are the initial ways to help the pain. Late night snacks taste good, but will cause intense pain for the hiatal hernia.
Many. There are other medications that can be utilized. Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) is one that has become popular for better control of reflux. You might want to talk to a surgeon about getting this fixed if it is causing that much of an issue.

I was diagnosed with gastritis and hiatal hernia on february 2012. During that time I had black, tarry stools and was placed on omezaprole than changed to nexium. My upper abdomen area pains or becoming more severe and comes and goes. It wakes me up at

Recheck with your DR. This may be an ulcer that is not healing gallstones.
GE reflux. From the information your ge reflux causing erosions in in the esophagus from the acid in your stomach caused bleeding (tarry stool), besides medications, all the precautions your doctor told you to do, then endoscopy to see any ulcers in lower esophageal area, if biopsy shows atypia (barrett's ulcer) then you need anti reflux surgery.
Abdominal pains. Your pains may be an indication of persistent refractory ulcer disease or of severe reflux. Were you previously diagnosed with helicobacter pylori? I would suggest a follow-up visit with your gastroenterologist.