Is it true miagranes & pains n your head & regular ha's can cause stroke at 21 I have no health problems & have mri&ct done 6mths ago both normal!

Migraine. This is extremely rare, but yes, there is a slightly higher risk of stroke in patients with migraines, specially if the migraine is accompanied by an aura (a symptom of visual or sensory dysfunction preceding the headache). For those individuals with auras the use of birth control pills may boost the risk of stroke much higher (specially if smoking and uncontrolled blood pressure is present).
Rarely. Migraine can rarely result in stroke if spasm in arteries is severe and long lasting, in rare instances. If you are being monitored regularly by your neurologist, and if you know how to recognize early signs of aura and take your medicine and rest as needed, you should be fine, if there is concern and imaging is needed, MRI is superior to ct.