What is the best way to check for possible ♥ condition? Pet, mri, CT or combination? How about mdct? Thank you

Depends. If you're having symptoms such as chest pain, a stress test (or nuclear stress test) might be the best way to check you. If you're not having symptoms, but want some idea about your risk of developing heart disease, a chest ct to look for coronary artery calcium is often the way to go.
Stress Test. Probably the best way to start with is a stress test. This shows how the blood flow and electrical conduction in your heart does when it is working hard th other tests may show calcium, for example, but don't necessarily indicate if that calcium is, or is going to, cause problems.
Cardiology consult. Please see your healthcare provider, obtain a full history and physical with appropriate laboratory tests, and if necessary a consultation with a cardiologist. If the concern is about coronary artery disease, a nuclear cardiac stress test may be most appropriate. If there is a concern about congenital abnormalities, ct or MRI may be more helpful. Echocardiography is great for valve disease.