Should I take prenatal vitamins before/while we are trying to get pregnant? Which prenatal vitamins do you recommend?

Healthy diet. I recommend a healthy diet with adequate protein, calories and calcium. Be sure to get enough folic acid (in most bread and cereal products) or take a folic acid supplement. You can always take a multivitamin, but focusing on a healthy diet will be better for you and your baby in the long run.

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Is it ok to take prenatal vitamins for anemia and low b and d vitamins even if you are not pregnant or not trying to conceive?

Yes, in fact wise. I advise everyone take a quality multivitamin. Prenatals are a type of multivit. which contain B vits and tend to be rich in iron which often helps anemia. I advise everybody takes 5-8000iu of Vit D3 in fall and winter months and year-round if you don't get much mid-day sun without sunscreen in spring and summer. See I advise a prenatal with the L-5MTHF form of folate (folic acid). Read more...