Is a healing cap the same as a healing abutment that protrudes through the gum? Just had 2 dental implants. Want to get a better understanding.

NO. Healing cap refers to a thin-topped screw which protects the top of the implant from debris/ ingrowth of tissue/bone. We have been using these from the inception of the root-form implant in the 60's.Later we learned that we could eliminate a surgical step by placing a healing abutment instead. This transverses the tissue and protrudes to a selected height,preserving access to the implant.Good Luck.
Healing caps. A healing cap is screwed into the implant and protrudes through the gum. It looks like a tiny silver tooth. When the tissue heals around the healing cap, it creates a space to place the abutment and crown. Talk to your dentist about this. Have him show you examples of what everything looks like.
Yes. Yes, it's just how you phrase it. Both are used prior to the restorative phase of the implants.
Not quite. The healing cap fits over the implant access opening and prevents tissue and debris from entering the top of the implant during the healing phase. An healing abutment is used once the implant is exposed and maintains the gingival tissue opening to the implant until the final restoration (or post) is placed. All the best...
No difference. A healing abutment, or healing cap, is inserted onto the implant after it is inserted in the jaw bone.