Constant pain in luq worst after bowel movement?

Splenic Flx syndrome. Lt. upper quad is one of the areas associated with splenic flexure of left colon. After BM which empties the rectum, the major site for the reservoir of stool is the transverse colon. At the time of BM stool passes to the splenic flexure. If there is a twist in bowel at that site severe pain will occur. A Ba enema will define the situation and if necessary this can be followed by colonoscopy.
Luq. Discomfort in the LUQ can be due to muscle strain, gas trapped in the colon,colon inflammation or disorders of the spleen. Your physician should examine you and will order the appropriate tests.

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What could cause constant pain behind and under right ribs and something protruding and hurting during a bowel movement?

Needs checking out. A hernia is a reasonable possibility, although not common in that area, in my experience. Because of the involvement of the chest area, i believe it is worth showing to a health care provider for further researching, and possibly further studies. Hope it goes well....... Read more...

What causes occasional left upper quadrant pain, around the bottom of the rib cage, worse after a bowel movement?

Luq. Left upper abdominal discomfort may be due to muscular strain, gas entrapment or pathology in the splenic flexure of the colon or disease of the spleen itself. Do you strain to have a bowel movement? Do you have any obvious bowel symptoms? If symptoms persist consult your physician or a gastroenterologist for evaluation. Read more...