Elevated d dimer neg ct svan and leg doppler clot ruled out?? Still worried

D-dimer. D-dimer is a blood test used to help detect clots in your body or those that have embolized to your lungs. Physicians use d-dimer if they think that you have a low probability of having a clot but want to rule it out. Your test was high so the physician did the appropriate testing to determine if there was a clot. This means that your lab was falsely positive and can be elevated for other reasons.

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Panicking neg doppler ten days ago startes getin pain behind knee yesterday panic attacks it clot had three scans on left leg one on right and ct all neg but d dimer was 310 cut off 230?

Clinical more import. There is much more importance in this kind of situation of the clinical picture for the presence of a blood clot than the value of 1 single lab value. If your other testing is negative multiple times and a doctor's examination of the leg is negative for suspicion of a clot then, 1 single abnormal lab shouldn't change anything. Write to me if more questions: www.healthtap.com/drsaghafi. Read more...