Period 4days late negative test. Cramps, frequent urination, nausea, tiredness, back pain. Nipples enlarged areola Normal. White or clear discharge?

Many symptoms. It is hard to put all of these symptoms together.The discharge could suggest the pituitary and a prolactin level can help. But many other tests need to be done as well as imaging. Your physician may want you to see other consultants depending on the findings. You may need to see an endocrinologist.

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I'm 3 weeks late, have frequent urination, white milky discharge, very tender breasts, back pain, cramps, nausea & negative hpt. Could I be pregnant?

Technique. If you did the test correctly, then a negative hpt three weeks after a missed period should rule out pregnancy. However, if you have any doubt about your technique, you may wish to see your doctor for a blood test and may be an ultrasound exam. Read more...