I have frequents headaches, I went to the eye doctor since I'm almost blind to find out if my eyes where the cause and twice the answer was no. My regular docor did blood test on me and the inly thing that came up inrregular was Vitamin D defficiency whic

D def possible cause. I recommend a neurologiy consult to evaluate headaches. We have learned much about vitamin D function irecently-- important in many metabolic pathways. Replenishing adipose tissue stores must occur before serum levels rise, sometimes taking more than 6 months. The morbidly obese may need 3 times the usual dose. 10,000 iu Vit D3 caps are inexpensive. Do not sunbathe! Unnecessary and carcinogenic.
Migraine headache. Poor eye sight is seldom a cause of headaches. Sinus congestion and Migraine are more frequent causes, which need to be evaluated. While brain tumor is the dreaded nightmare for chronic severe headaches, it is very rare but needs to be considered if other causes have been eliminated.