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Have burning pain upper rite belly under rib cage heart burn most every am can't sleep on my rite side it hurts my mid rite side back badly?

Have tests done. It is best to see your doctor and discuss it. Things to consider would be the gallbladder, the liver itself or the stomach and the duodenum, the ribs and the lung wil have to be look at. We can't do that with simple history alone, we need labs and imaging procedures. Good luck.

Last night my heart burn was so bad I ended up taking 8 tums (calcium carbonate). Today I feel nauseous and my stomach feels hard and hurts. Is this normal?

NO. See your PCP or a gastroenterologist. Take a pregnancy test if there is a possibility you may be. You could try some OTC prilosec or Zantac (ranitidine) and see if you get relief. Avoid any alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs until this heals up.