4 years ago reflux started and lead to non h-pylori gastritis. Quit smoking, I'm not overweight, and quit drinking. Chronic gerd persists. Take 20mg aciphex daily. I reflux drinking water. Anything else I can add medication wise to help avoid cancer?

First of all. speak with your Primary Care Provider since you are NOT on maximum medical treatment! Both H-2 Blockers (eg Zantac...Pepcid) at PRESCRIPTION strength and PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS (eg:: PRILOSEC, NEXIUM (esomeprazole) ) ALSO at PRESCRIPTION strength can be taken TOGETHER under the care of your PCP or Gastroenterologist. If you have not consulted a Board Certified GI doc DO IT!! Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Good job. . Healthy lifestyle with fresh vegetables and regular exercise. No more smoking or tobacco in any other form are the good ways to avoid cancer. You will also be able to loose weight with above changes. This will help many diseases.