Bruxism due to stress, how to deal?

NTI appliance. We show our stress in our teeth by grinding or clenching that eventually wear down the enamel on the biting surfaces of our dentition. Many times this become a habit that is hard to control and can cause over time expensive dental repair costs or possible loss of teeth. One dental appliance that comes to mind is the use of an nti. It trains the jaw to relax and reduces the pain caused by stress.
Clenching. Buspirone would be an off-label option that can be very effective. Biofeedback can provide immediate computer screen registered feedback as to how breathing, muscle relaxation, cognitive restructuring, and imagery relieve tension. Many who suffer have comorbid bipolar affective disorder, sleep disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, or medication side effects - treating them can provide benefit.
Jaw precautions. Soft diet, antiinflammatories, ice (a bag of frozen vegetables) 3-4'times a day, see your dentist and have him/her make you an nti device to prevent clenching while you sleep. An nti device is a tiny guard that is worn only on your front teeth. When you wear it you can't get your back teeth together. Don't get a full mouth guard. Although they do a good job protecting your teetth you still clench.