Should I get medication for anxiety? I have tested at 5 months 8 panel std and HIv (4th gen) and antibody at 7 mon and can't move on. Still scared.

Anxiety. If you have immobilizing, disabling anxiety that interferes with your thoughts and activities, then yes, you deserve evaluation and treatment to help you reach a position from which you can function normally. Talk with your doctor for a referral, or a behavioral health center, or seek a therapist.
Talk about it. If you find yourself paralyzed by what you yourself recognize to be unrealistic fears about an HIV test, then I have a better idea. Get with somebody who's actually good at the kind of psychotherapy that's focused on thinking clearly -- perhaps cognitive-behavioral therapy. Anti-anxiety meds won't give you the insight to avoid the same traps in the future. Take the brave person's way. Best wishes.