I've had dark circles and wrinkles since I was 10? I've done research I found out I have a dseptum. What should I do who do I call. I also have amd

See an eye dotor. A general ophthalmologist can answer your eye concerns. It sounds like your eyelid condition may be permanent, although there are some treatment options (laser, fillers, lid surgery) that may help improve the appearance of your lids. If you have macular degeneration, you should have a dilated examination at least every 6 months - sooner if there are significant findings on your last exam.
Dark circles. Dark circles can be due to certain vessels(veins) being near to the surface and thin eyelid skin. Older persons can have this or a hollowing due to fat loss that makes it look dark. Fillers can be used for the hollowing, lasers for very prominent vessels.