9 mos old baby has runny nose but no fever shuld he see a doctor or should I wait it out?

Cold. Most likely your child has a cold. Most colds last 10 to 14 days. As long as your child is not having any trouble breathing, and is otherwise acting normal, i would let it run its course.
Treat supportive. If the runny nose continues for more than a week see your doctor. As long as there is no fever and your baby is drinking well, you can treat at home with a humidifier and also use saline drops 2-3 drops in each nostril, and suck out with bulb suction.

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13m old runny nose & cough for 5 days. Turned into thick phlegm today. Can hear it when she breathes. Color is clear. No fever. Do I need to see doc?

Cough. Yes, it's RSV season which can cause thick mucous and can lead to wheezing, so even though no fever, should have their lungs checked out. Read more...
Watch closely. Clear discharge and no fever is a good sign that cautionary observation should be sufficient. Labored breathing, new fever, change in behavior or appetite, increase in fussiness or overall worsening should prompt a visit to the doctor. Read more...