What causes acute pancreatitis?

Many causes. The two most common causes in the usa include:gallstones, alcohol. Other causes include high triglyceride levels(a type of cholesterol), trauma(mva/streering wheel), scorpion bites, medications.
Acute Pancreatitis. The chief causes of acute pancreatitis in adults are gallstones, other gallbladder (biliary) disease, and alcohol use. Viral infection (mumps, coxsackie b, mycoplasma pneumonia, and campylobacter), hereditary conditions, traumatic injury, pancreatic or common bile duct surgical procedures and certain medications (especially estrogens, corticosteroids, thiazide diuretics, and azathioprine).
Many things. Medication, high triglycerides, a stone in the common bile duct.
Many causes . . . There are many causes of acute pancreatitis including gallstones, alcohol use, medications, infections, etc. Check out http://www.Webmd.Com/digestive-disorders/digestive-diseases-pancreatitis for more info.

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Can creon cause a false positive test for acute pancreatitis?

Unclear question. What is creon? Acute pancreatitis is diagnosed from a combination of clinical signs, symptoms and lab tests. The usual features are severe abdominal pain and tenderness, elevated blood levels of trypsin and lipase. Depending on the severity of illness there may be other manifestations such as low calcium, shock, nausea vomiting and death. Read more...

Is one more likely to have acute pancreatitis after endoscopic ultrasound if they had AP after ERCP? Or EUS does not cause AP like ERCP?

Rare after EUS. This incidence of pancreatitis after EUS with pancreatic biopsy is reported as less than 1% making it a rare complication. Symptomatic post-ERCP pancreatitis occurs in about 5% of people undergoing the procedure. There has not yet been a good study looking at the development of post-EUS pancreatitis in people who developed pancreatitis after ERCP. Read more...