How many fruits should I eat each day? I don't understand servings. Should I eat 5 fruits a day. For example, pear, Apple, grape fruit, banana, ect?

Fruits & Vegetables. combo of 7 -13 cups per day is now recommended by the US govt. It can be hard to do. A greens powder added to water can help. Eat low on the glycemic index, e.g., lots of berries. Too much sugar from fruit can imbalance blood sugar. Peace and good health.
Fruit and vegetables. Fruit servings can be very specific - 1 cup of canteloupe cubes or 1 "medium" apple - what is that anyway? 1 banana, 1/2 cup of grapes. If you eat fruit five times a day, these amounts would be fine. Or you could enthusiastically down three grapefruit at once. Either way, you are eating healthy foods instead of processed ones.