What are the causes for failed embryo implantation after embryo transfer?

Probabilities. A high proportion of natural embryos do not implant, the same is true for IVF/embryo transfer. Rates improve with pre-screening of the developing embryos, and with younger age of donor (40 have similar rates with donor eggs, very low rates with their own eggs.

Related Questions

Could I have implantation bleeding at 6 days post embryo transfer?

Possibly. Bleeding post transfer can be caused by a friable, or cervix thats bleed easy, a small bleed behind the gestational sac, following intercourse, the loss of a twin and/or signs of an early miscarriage or a difficult et. If you have any bleeding, contact your doctor immediately. And remember, it may not be a bad sign. Probably would consider starting Progesterone to help quiet the uterus. Read more...

I had a orgasm 4 days after embryo transfer could that have caused me not to conceive? I'm at day 6 now and I'm stressing out. Orgasms wasnt intercoar

No. Many of the things that we ask women not to do or to do after embryo transfer such as restrain from intercourse or bed rest in reality don't have enough scientific evidence to support them. Implantation is a very solid process and it is very unlikely that it will be interrupted by an orgasm. Please don't worry and wait for the pregnancy test. The result of that tests will depends on other factors. Read more...