I had braces to close the gap between my front teeth and immediately after the braces came off, I had bonded retainers though I still had a mild gap. Now as they broke, I have the hawley retainers which are active so will they close the remaining gap?

Maybe. If your dentist designed the retainer so that he can adjust it to close the space the answer could be yes. It not predictable to close a space with a Hawley retainer so ask your dentist if he can do it.
It is possible. Some Hawley retainers can be designed to do minor tooth movement, realign the front six teeth or close a small gap between your teeth. Asking your orthodontist-dentist is always a good starting point.
It depends.. On the reason the space re-appeared. If there is clearance between your upper and lower front teeth, a Hawley might help but only if the teeth would benefit from retraction. You might need a frenectomy or other treatment to solve the problem. You need to be evaluated, diagnosed, and understand the whole story before undergoing more treatment..
You may. You may have excess tissue between the teeth keeping them apart. You may have a Bolton tooth size discrepancy. You may have traumatic Invisalign contact. You may have under or over-torqued incisors. Harley may close space, but may not keep space closed. Please seek consultation with an Orthodontic Specialist who can asses all of these parameters.