Can atrovent nebuliser and ventolin nebuliser damage ur lungs long term or if used often I get asthma and post nasal drip get breathless alot?

Controller meds. Your upper airway rhinitis may be related to allergies, and can be controlled with a number of medications. Identification of triggers and avoidance measures may help to control the symptoms. In addition, you can discuss the use of Singulair (montelukast) with your physician. A virtual appointment may be booked online for further guidance.
Asthma treatments.. Asthma medications including inhaled steroids, inhaled atrovent, (ipratropium) and albuterol are all prescribed to help protect the lungs, decreased inflammation, and improve your respiratory symptoms. Poorly controlled asthma that is untreated can put you at risk for severe exacerbations and/or permanent airway damage/remodeling. Talk to your provider about risks/benefits of daily asthma medication use.