2 chest erays (scaring), cbc/diff (norm), ab CT scan (ok), colonoscopy (2polyps), mono (neg), mammo (normal), lft chest/ab/neck pain. Severe fatigue /heada?

What is your TSH. Are you overweight, or depressed or have sleep problems. Any of those can cause tiredness. The pain in the chest, neck and abd may suggest autoimmune disorder.
Different evaluation. Go to a4m.Com and use physician locator function to find a functional medicine doctor near you that can properly evaluate you and get to the bottom of your fatigue issues. Don't let a traditional doc start you on a lifetime habit of prescription meds to treat only the symptoms - find the cause and live a normal, healthy life by finding the cause!
CHEST PAIN . Associated with neck and abdominal pain, severe fatigue and headache, please check the heart for mi or any abnormality.