I have arthris in my lower back what can I do for it?

Therapy. Physical therapy and steroid injections can often help back pain due to degenerative joint disease. You should discuss these options with your doctor. Also consider seeing a spine specialist for specific recommendations on therapy and helpful procedures.
Diagnosis critical. There don't seem to be many physicians who have skills in diagnosing back disease. Some rheumatologists and some physiatrists and some orthopedic surgeons.
DJD only? Check with someone in rheumatology! it could be inflammatory. If so, you need remitting agents rather than pt or steroid injections. If it is djd, the pain is usually from the facet joints. If you bend forward and have more pain-disc. If you bend backward and have more pain, it is your facet joints! answers in medicine come from speciality: give a man hammer, he looks for a nail! pt helps!