Will smoking e cigarettes or vaping effect birth control pills especially ones with higher amounts of hormones and estrogen?

Uncertain. One small study did not show a correlation between increased cardiovascular events (CVE) & use of electronic cigarettes with hormonal contraceptives. REF: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26546021. However, Nicotine is well documented when used with combined hormonal contraceptives to increase risk for CVE’s. Recommend against vaping.
Maybe. If the e cigs or vapor products contain nicotine then there are risks. Nicotine has known associations with the increase of side effects on OCPs especially if over 35 years old. Quitting smoking can be very hard - many don't realize the nicotine craving can be as hard to kick as a heroin addict. But - it's best not to mix the two. See your MD if you are having problems quitting nicotine! http://www.clivir.com/lessons/show/the-risks-of-smoking-and-birth-control-pills.html.