Does urethritis cause penis pain?

Yes. Urethritis means infection or inflammation of the urethra (tube that you pee out of). This results in penile pain, pain with urination and penile discharge.
Yes. One of the main symptoms of urethritis for a man is penis pain....Particularly when urine is existing the bladder. Other associated symptoms include abdominal pain, sometimes blood in the urine, fevers, chills, and tiredness. Pus can sometimes be seen in more severe cases.

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If I were to have urethritis bcause of hsv2 wouldnt it also hurt when I pee not just after ejaculation nthing visible on penis pain is mild aftersting?

Probably not herpes. Urethritis due to herpes is usually quite painful, and urinating would be painful every time until healing, which would take at least a few days. Also, herpetic urethritis usually is accompanied by external herpes blisters sores. It can occur on its own, but quite uncommon. Discomfort after ejaculation is atypical for any STD, but get checked out if it continues or you remain concerned. Read more...