About nerves. I have my nerves crawling all over, my back my legs. It is really annoying. What can I do to help myself?

RLS? Although we typically associate RLS with sleep onset, it can rarely occur during the day. The sensation is of: cramping, pepsi in the veins, uncomfortable feeling, restlessness, crawling, an itch you can't scratch, or tickling. This can involve arms, legs, feet, and even the torso or head/neck (very unusual). Sleep is characterized by jerking/tossing/turning and non-restorative. Meds work well.
Some likely answers? A type of neuropathy, an allergic reaction, a superficial skin infection or (less likely) scabies. Bed bugs have been making a comeback as well. There are many more things that it could be. See you physician for a complete evaluation and treatment.