Upper right abdominal pain under ribs, back pain in same area, burning between shoulder blades, lose bowel pancreatic cancer? Stressed

Pancreatic CA. The sx your list can be related to pancreatic cancer. Pts who have pain in RUQ can also have gallstones...which at your age would be very likely while the pancreatic ca would be uncommon, esp if you don't smoke. Stress can cause lots of sx. You should see your local doc for check up. They can help even if its stress related.

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Pancreatic cancer? Upper abdomen pain, some burning, mid back pain & hip, I do have poor posture.

RARE. pancreatic cancer is rare comparing to other digestive disease cancer. it could be your pancreas causing the pain, it could be an ulcer,or gallbladder disease they all can cause same symptoms. see your doctor ,they will evaluate either assure you ,or treat you. start by watching your diet,take anti acid and medication from OTC,like zantaz,or prilosec. either way see your doctor please. good luck. Read more...

36 female, tender spot near spine right side, mid back. Pain between shoulder blades, right abdomen pain loose stool after eating? Pancreas cancer?

No. The st common tumor of the pancreas arises in the head and is associated with painless jaundice. Body lesions which can cause back pain have anorexia and wt. loss. When there is back pain and loose stools think of steatorrhea where fat is not absorbed due to severe pancreatitis and not a malignancy. Read more...