What can cause pain in bladder with trace blood in urine, have to push urine out when pee have no infection and had hysterectomy few years ago?

Painful bladder. This type of pain can be caused by infection, tumors, adhesions or renal stones. The best way to sort this out is to see initially a FP or GYN MD and possibly a Urologist.
Here are some... Pushing to pee with "bladder pain" deserves a checkup to assure bladder emptying and no UTI. If no UTI, trace blood in urine needs an evaluation to make sure of its significance. To know more on blood in urine, go to http://formefirst.com/hematuria.html; to get required check for bladder function, follow instructions in http://formefirst.com/eNewsletter06.html; thereby you gain much insight on..