I had 2 full body CT scans within 2 weeks, with a combined exposure of 53 mSv (I asked the radiologist). 28 yo/female. Will I get cancer?

Very unlikely. There is no significant risk of developing Cancer just because of getting 2 CT scans. The CT scan related radiation poses minimal risk,as most medical use of X-rays has minimal risk unless you get exposure over several hundred mSvs. So just try to forget about it. eat healthy and live a healthy life style as Cancer does develiop in otherwise healthy people(one in 5 females during a life time will.
Radiation & CA. Radiation can cause cancer but that was a very low dose. The chance you would get cancer from Two CTs is next to zero. Do try to limit the number of xrays you get over your lifetime. Other things like smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, hormone replacement, chewing tobacco and so on...are the things to really consider when you are looking at causes of CA.
Not from CT. The amount of radiation you received is not likely to materially increase your risk of cancer. CT scans are important diagnostic tools and usually the benefit of the procedure far outweighs the risk.