What is herps?

A common virus. 'herpes' = herpes simplex (hsv): the virus that causes oral & genital blisters. Hsv is a common std. After infection with HSV the virus hides in sensory nerves for the rest of our life. There is no cure. At various times the virus reactivates & causes another case of painful blisters. The blisters can be treated & prevented with antivirals.People with HIV have more frequent & severe HSV infections.
Virus. Herpes is a virus infection that can cause different diseases depending on the type of virus. One strain causes cold sores in the corner of your mouth. Another strain causes genital herpes, sores around the genitals contracted from sexual contract. Chickenpox & mono are also caused by a herpes virus. There is no cure for herpes & breakouts can occur. Meds can help with the breakouts.
A virus family. Herpes is a family of viruses characterized by small blister-like (vesicles) rash & by staying in the body until triggered again. Most common ones are herpes simplex i & ii which cause cold sores and genital sores. Chickenpox is a herpes virus that can reappear later in life as shingles. Epstein-barr & cytomegalovirus, roseola virus, & cause of kaposi's sarcoma are all herpes viruses.