I don't grind my teeth at all then what could b the cause of my teeth two front ones turning kinda transparent near the tips?? No medications at all..

Sleep Bruxism. Bruxism (grinding teeth) is not a dangerous problem. However, it can cause permanent damage to the teeth and uncomfortable jaw pain. See dentists who have more experience in evaluating bruxism.
Wear. You are describing wear to the back of the biting edges of your upper front teeth. You may be grinding at night while asleep, or the way your teeth come together can cause inadvertent wear. Discuss this with your Dentist. You may need a nocturnal bite guard and/or an occlusal adjustment, and/or consultation with an Orthodontic Specialist.
Wear from normal use. Even if you don't grind your teeth at all (asleep or awake), you do use them to eat and chew food, and if your enamel is thinner to begin with, they can certainly wear down through normal use. Assuming you had your front teeth since age 7, you have now used them for 16 years to eat and chew with. They will wear down a little.
Bruxism. You may not think you're grinding your teeth, but in actuality you might be... If so, the edge of the enamel on the lingual surfaces of the teeth in question may have been worn thin, making the teeth look even more transparent in that area. Let a local dentist take a look and advise if any treatment is indicated, including a bruxism guard.