I cut my thumb wirh a pocket knife. It's more of a straight wound threw the skin I did bleed alot should I put preoxide on the wound? I don't have neosprne of hand currently

Not necessary . Thoroughly washing the area should be sufficient. Get a tetanus shot if you haven't hhas one in ten yesrs. Peroxide may inhibit wound healing. .
Depends. If the wound is now closed, not bleeding, i would suggest that you not unless the wound was dirty or contaminated. But if signs of infection over the next few days--increased swelling, spreading redness around the wound, increased tenderness or pain-- see your physician directly as hand infections can spread rapidly throughout the hand and cause serious damage.
How deep? If wound is deep (all the way through skin) then sutures are needed to keep it closed & promote healing, prevent infection. If it's a superficial cut, then soap+water is best way to clean it. Some antibiotic ointment w/ Bandaid twice a day to keep dirt out until it heals. If no ointment, at least keep it covered &gently wash each evening. Peroxide isn't as good as soap&water.
Use Betadine. avoid peroxide-can be harsh to cells and delay healing. Betadine preferred. Polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) instead of neosporin. Keep dry as possible. When gets wet with bandaid on, dry up and change bandaid. Also suggest focusing on actual cut itself. place clean hand on it to Focus ur attention to heal. Do this daily without expecting anything. And if that sounds too "far out", only do old fashioned way. .