I had unprotected sex Aug. 30 it's Sept.13 & I've been cramping, bloating, extreme fatigue, headache, loss of appetite & gas but my mp is due sep.21?

Unprotected sex. See your doctor and have a general exam with a pelvic and cultures. You can do a sell pregnancy test and repeat it if your menses/period doesn't start. All the best. Be careful, use birth control and protection.
Possiblities. Pre-menstrual Synd, Pregnancy, Stress, in regards to having unprotected sex, Something else like stomach inflammation-getting angry-which can cause ur symptoms. can be helped with Pepcid/Zantac for faster relief and Nexium/Prilosec for longer term relief. Sometimes taking both is necessary too. stress is one of the main causes Of this, as is NSAIDS like Advil, (ibuprofen) spicy food, alcohol, smoking, Plus..