Will ambien (zolpidem) work for me again after 14 month hiatus? Would like to switch back and forth from ambien (zolpidem) and to trazodone to keep both men's working.

Restarting Ambien (zolpidem) If Ambien (zolpidem) helped you in the past, it should be effective now. However, switching on/off Trazodone is not recommended. If Trazodone is helping you sleep, best take consistently to maintain therapeutic blood level. Med changes should not be made without talking to prescribing doctor first. Avoid alcohol while on these meds. All the best.
No reason why not. It doesn't stop working just because you've used it before. You would need to check with the prescribing physician as to the idea about switching. Good luck!
Why trouble sleeping. There is no reason that it should not work after 14 month hiatus. Perhaps more important is why do you have difficulty sleeping and is it more than just on a periodic basis.? ALso Trazodone is also an antidepressant if you take it regularly in addition to being helpful for sleep. If you do have depression or other psychological conditions that cause insomnia you should see a psychiatrist.
Insomnia. You deserve good sleep to function effectively. Ambien helps with sleep for few weeks Trazadone is for depression, it can help with sleep. Let the wise woman within you reflect stresses causing sleep problem and discuss with Psychiatrist about Anxiety, Depression, Therapy and Medication. Yoga, Tai Chi in evening. Before sleeping, do Breathing and Music Relaxation, Visual imagery, and Meditation.