Hello I was wondering how to take care a boil on your vagina? I'm not sure its a boil but that's my guess since its red and big round bump on my inner lip of my vagina and it hurts bad. I am a very clean woman and have no diseases at all nor does my husb

You need to be seen. This sounds like an infected cyst, which needs drainage to get relief of the infection and pain. It has nothing to do with cleanliness or diseases---just bad luck! Go to an ObGyn or FP or if you can't get in quickly you can go to an ED for some pain relief and a referral. Meanwhile, sit in very warm water; you can also use a hot water bottle, wear a warm washcloth or a hand warmer to the area.
Needs surgery. This type of boil is called Bartholin's cyst infection. Unlike other infections where pus is drained by a cut, this kind of infection is taken care of by a small surgery to remove a portion of the cyst wall so that it does not come back. You might need an antibiotic with it. Please go and see an Ob/Gyn doctor right away or go to Urgent care or ER.