I had gastric bypass surgery 3 days ago now I am having some pain in my right upper chest. Could thi be gas or should I worry about a PE? No leg pain

Yes, it's possible! Your chest pain can be from any of the following causes: PE, heart attack, heartburn, ulcer, pneumonia, pneumothorax, medication reaction, or other causes. You should call your surgeon ASAP for immediate consultation. If they are unavailable then go to ER immediately for evaluation for possible PE or other causes.

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I have had gastric bypass surgery and am having issues with painful gas?

Gastric bypass. After having gastric bypass surgery it is important to stay on the recommended diet and not vary from it. This can cause gas, and other problems. Also drink plenty of water or healthy fluids to stay adequately hydrated. If you do both of these and still have problems then follow with your surgeon. Read more...

Wife had gastric bypass surgery experiencing pain under left breast is that where the new pouch?

See answer. Under the left breast is where our stomachs are located. Have her call her surgeon, or at the lsaet her primary dr. To give more history and detail of the pain, etc. Depending on the time frame of when her bypass surgery was, other existing factors/symptoms, etc, will all play a role in how this is treated. Good luck. Read more...