There's a red area in both my eyes in the corners the past week and its gotten worse first it was the left eye alone now it both of them left is worse?

Red eye. Other possible causes of red eye include dry eye and subconjunctival hemorrhage. For dry eye, try using an otc eyedrop such as theratears, three time a day. For the subconj heme, use theratears and cold compresses for comfort (this should resolve in 2-4 weeks). If your symptoms persist, call your local ophthalmologist.
Red eye. Red eye could be caused by a number of different things. Including dry eye, irritation, allergies, blepharitis, or infection. I would try some otc lubricating drops, if it is not better within a few days or if you feel your vision is affected then see your ophthalmologist.
Sounds like allergie. The middle part of our eyes may have some redness associated with itchy and tearing. Cold compress may help or add some eye drops.