I get headaches nearly ever day for about 20 years. Tracked every aspect of these with no patterns. How can I get rid of them?

Treat neck too! Chronic daily headaches can be quite a challenge. Since most ha are cervicogenic, coming from the neck, you must treat that component to determine the relationship. Muscle tension, sinus issues, cervical disc problems may all contribute to the symptoms. Occipital neuralgia, radiating pain across the back of the head from the neck is often a problem. Must get the neck looked at and review options.
See neurologist. Can be primary headache that is a good thing. There is treatment for most. Rule out secondary headaches. Most headaches not serious. However, first your doctor will determine what type of headache you have. Headaches have many causes I suggest you see your physician and discuss a plan to determine the cause. Your doctor might order imaging of brain and optic nerve exam to rule out serious conditi.