My daughter, 10 months now. Her teeth came out at 10 months, is that normal? And can a walker aid her walking faster?

No walkers. Teething patterns in infants is highly variable. Some babies don't get their first tooth until after one year of age, others get many at once. The AAP recommends AGAINST use of baby walkers due to high incidence of injury and accident associated deaths, and because they may actually DELAY normal motor and mental development.
2 questions. 1. Not unusual for infant to get 1st teeth @ 10 months. Now that the 1st teeth have erupted make an appointment with a Pediatric Dentist (for the same reasons you see a Pediatric Physician) for examination, growth analysis, fluoride monitoring, diet, oral hygiene, etc. Don't wait beyond 1st b'day to make this appointment. 2. No, Walkers are NOT recommended. Talk to your Pediatrician.