Sore throat when yawning, inner ear pain when touched, feels like too much liquid in ears?

Please see your. doctor.Have you been swimming? It sounds like you may have Swimmer's Ear (otitis externa), which is an infection of the ear canal, caused by water in the ear, making a good environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. The only way to tell this for sure is to have your ear examined. The treatment, if necessary, would be prescription drops, as opposed to oral antibiotics for a regular ear infection.

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I have had sore throat and ear pain for a couple of days. Is their anything natural I can take???

You have time. If this is really strep you have 9-10 days from the beginning of symptoms to start the antibiotics that will prevent rheumatic fever. If it is not really strep, antibiotics wouldn't help anyway.There is no "natural" treatment that removes the risk of heart/brain or kidney damage from strep. Read more...

I have a sore throat and ear pain right side. Tonsillectomy when I was 21. what could be causing the pain?

Infections. The removal of tonsils does not end your risk of either strep throat or any of the other causes of throat infection. At best, it limits the intensity of your pain. The other tissues of the throat remain vulnerable to infection.Your ear may be infected or showing pressure as part of a combined infection of both areas. Read more...