Is Vibrio Cholerae Cholera a permanent disease to have? Does it stay and cause continual in the body for life? Does treatment cure Vibrio Cholerae?

Not permanent. Cholera is a diarrheal illness caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae. It runs it course over 1-2 weeks, then clears up. The amount of fluid loss through severe diarrhea is what makes it dangerous, but once it clears up, the problem is over. There is no chronic infection and asymptomatic people don't carry V. cholerae. If you are healthy or have recovered from cholera, no worries!
It is not permanent. It is asymptomatic in most people. When people are properly rehydrated the death rate is less than 1%. Taking antibiotics just causes the illness to clear up quicker. It resolves and then it is gone.

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Can you tell me how cholera (vibrio cholerae) attack human body systems?

Diarrhea/ dehydrates. Cholera is an intestinal bacterial infection by Vibrio cholerae. Contaminated water. Is often the source of infection. It can lead to severe watery diarrhea,dehydration & potentially to death. Read more...

Vibrio cholerae produces toxin and is capable of causing cholera only when it is lysogenic. Why is this?

Vibrio cholerae. " CTXf gains entry to the V. cholerae cell by way of the toxin-regulated pili—the surface organelles required for intestinal colonization. Its genes are then incorporated into host chromosome, inducing the cell to secrete CT" See pages 121 & 122 of REF: Read more...