Severe itching over arms and legs only above blood vessels, And radiating pain in shin bones both legs. Could they be related, anything serious??

Ans. Your itching could be from several sources. So best to see your doctor. The aching could be from several etiologies. Do you take any medications? Need some more information. So again best to see your doctor .

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My 81-old brother has been dealing with severe itching on both arms and legs. In fact drawing blood and complete red bloches. He is a diabetic and takes insulin.

04/12/12 Extensive . 04/12/12 extensive itching about the body can be caused by many thuings. In the elderly, the most common cause is dry skin from insufficient bathing, and not enough moisturizers. It also could be a fragrance allergy to a chemical in the current soap, lotion, fabric softener, or detergent. Less commonly, it could be a drug reaction to a new pill, or a sign of liver, thyroid, kidney disease, or anemia. Diabetes itself can be associated with itchy skin. A thorough history and physical exam by a dermatologist should help determine what is causing the itching, along with some blood tests. Read more...

My mother severe itching attacks on shoulders, arms, right leg, lower back - skin is rough and scaly there- blood test- eusinophils 10% vitd3-24?

Why the tests? There are hundreds of possible diagnoses. D3 is normal and not relevant. 10% EOS is not specific. Did the Dr offer a diagnosis and begin treatment? If not satisfied, see a dermatologist. Read more...