No period 3 months after myomectomy surgery for fibroid, cysts. Not pregnant negative pregnancy tests?

Give it more time. The uterine and ovarian surgery could have easily disrupted your cycles for a while. While normally some evaluation is indicated after 3 months with no period, in this situation it is more reasonable to wait a couple more months.

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I had a myomectomy Jan 4, I had my period Jan 5, and again on Feb 11. I haven't had another period since. Pregnancy tests are negative. What's wrong?

Post-Op Care. Discuss your missed periods with the surgeon who did your myomectomy. Only (s)he knows the full extent of your surgery and your needs now. (S)he might want to order additional tests, although it is not uncommon for periods to be irregular for a few months after a stressful event like a surgery. Read more...