I have slight chest pain on the left side of chest and left arm tingling that also moves to left portiin of neck. I am 21.

Doubt heart disease. Stranger things have happened, but given ur age, I doubt u have heart disease (i.e., cholesterol build-up). Perhaps an old injury to ur neck or spine or shoulder cd be playing a role (play any sports?); alternately, a neurologic or inflammatory condition cd cause it. U shd c a doctor & relay ur symptoms. Keep a log of when & where u get pain, what u r doing, how long it lasts - it'll help w/ cause.

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22 5'8 148 lbs 3 1/2 months postpartum I keep having numbing tingling sensation in left arm radiating to neck chest pain and hot flashes I breastfeed?

No worries. Congratulations on the baby Allison. Unfortunately they can reek havoc on your body. I would recommend you start with the basic moist heat, massage & lymphatic drainage of that left arm. Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a distinct possibility. Try a cock up splint. You may need an MRI of your C-Spine if not improving. I wouldn't worry about the vasomotor symptoms. They will resolve with time. Common! Read more...