What OTC meds can I use to treat adhd?

BEST OTC? Your best otc tools are a telephone and a telephone book.Call your doctor and get a proper assessment.Neurofeedback, metacognitive training, behavioral intervention, interactive metronome, parenting training, behavioral intervention diet and exercise have all met with some success.Phosphatylserine, some Amino Acids vit b6 , fish oil, zn and mg have been used.Meds are still treatment of choice.
ADHD OTC. In families who eat more fish the children's grades are significantly better than in families where they do not. Therefore consider fish oil. A recent study although not duplicated suggests citocoline may also work. Neurofeedback, although not a supplement or medication, has shown promise. Metacognitive therapy which analyzes self-talk and overall attitude towards learning an adjunct. Coaching?
Um, not many. The only otc medication effective for adhd is caffeine. Caffeine is much less effective & has more side effects than prescription medication, so it's not a first line treatment. Ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate) is also useful but it's so dangerous that the fda has outlawed it's use. Medications for adhd have been proven to be among the safest & best medicines in use. Best to see your doctor for diagnosis & treatment.