Can PVC be caused by stress? If so how can anxiety cause pvc? I have around 700 pac/pvc per day but if I have panic attack ill have more in short time

PVC and stress. You heart may be sensitive to catecholamines and that is what is released in stress. Check to make sure not low potassium ,calcium, magnesium, thyroid, arrhythmogenic right heart , Wolff Parkinson White ,associated use of drugs(cocaine), alcohol, or caffeine . Note everyone has PVC when holter is done, though 700 is on the higher end. Check echo,ask about B blocker use f/u w/doc.
Can be due to stress. Anxiety and stress can increase cardiac stimulation thru the sympathetic nerves that supply the heart. Anxiety and stress can also stimulate the adrenal gland, via sympathetic nervous system, to secrete adrenaline which stimulates the heart. Reducing anxiety can reduce PVC's. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can reduce panic and stress see CBT in CheckList "overcoming anxiety and stress"