I am 25y old. Can GERD cause complete aperistalsis of esophagus? It's been 3y. Not Scleroderma, Achalasia or any other diseases. My LES=5mmHg. Thanks

GERD alone unlikely. manometric evidence of aperistalsis (not simply on barium test) unlikely from GERD alone, and can be from achalasia or esophageal scleroderma, even without skin findings of latter. You need to see Gastroenterologist or motility expert. Low LES pressure does not rule out achalasia. If you are medical personnel, I refer you to my free GI Motility on line on web via Nature Publishing on this subject.

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23 years old. Have aperistalsis of esophagus-distal, middle, proximal. And gerd (0, 3 mmhg). But not achalasia and not scleroderma. What may be the cause?

Need more info. Any other related symptoms - how did you get this result in first place ? It's rare to have all part of esophagus not moving in young age without underlying problem but could induce by specific drugs as well. Was this measured by functional esophagography? Read more...

Hi, can GERD cause esophageal dysmotility? I don´t mean achalasia or sclerodermia. Only GERD (les 3mmhg). I have both and non specific. Thanks

They go together. Your les (lower esophageal sphincter) is hypotensive. The pressure is too low. Normally it should be above 10mmhg. Therefore acid from the stomach can freely go up to your esophagus and therefore gerd. If your physician told you that rest of manometry was unremarkable, you may still have scleroderma. Some foods and medications can decrease the les pressure. Achalasia has a high les pressure. Read more...