Is naproxen a narcotic?

No. Naproxen is the ingredient in aleve (naproxen). It is not a narcotic. It is in the class known as NSAID non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug.
NO. Naproxen is the drug which is in the over the counter pain medicine called aleve (naproxen). It is not, however a narcotic since it does not act on the same receptors in the brain that narcotics do.
Naproxen. No. It belongs to the nsaids., non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.
Narcotic vs Opioid. Naproxen is definitely not a "narcotic". I would caution against the use of the term "narcotic" as this implies the illegal use of a legitimate drug. Opioid medications are used for legitimate purposes for pain control. Narcotics are used for an altered mental state. These two terms are not synonyms. Their implications are vastly different. Md's also have to pay attention!