Can sudden blindness be related to pseudotumor cerebri?

Explanation. The increased intracranial pressure does affect vision with periodic "obscurational" episodes, but sudden bilateral complete blindness does not occur. Instead the vision becomes very blurred with significant degradation which initially returns. If the pressure is not controlled, there is a steady worsening of vision that can lead to blindness.
Vision issues. Yes, this is due to the swelling around the optic disc head or nerve due to the increased intracranial pressure. If you are having these symptoms then definitely let your PCP/Ophthalmologist know for closer monitoring and evaluation. Untreated this can lead to long standing visual disturbances.

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What others conditions can mimic pseudotumor cerebri?

Malignant htn. Extreme elevations in blood pressure can cause headaches and edema of the optic nerves. Tumors of the brain can also symptoms similar to pseudotumor. Read more...

I've got pseudotumor cerebri and I want to know the cause of it?

Pseudotumor cerebri. In most cases the cause of pc is not really known. There are however some drugs that have been know to induce the disorder but in most cases the cause is not often found. Read more...

Is it possible for a person with pseudotumor cerebri to have kids?

See below. There have been studies, and women with psuedotumor cerebri have no more complications than women without. Should discuss with your ob. Read more...